Welcome to Computer Consultations of Greater Washington DC

· Low cost
· Exceptional quality
· Strict privacy
· 24/7 service
· At home computer services -- new!

  • We provide the most affordable, dependable, confidential, and timely computer services in the Metro DC area.

    We specialize in small business solutions; yet we can provide any of our services scaled from at-home IT setups to the complicated tech needs of large corporations. Our services include – but are not limited to:


· Desktop PC Diagnostics
and Repairs

· Network Administration – Wired and Wireless

· Laptop Diagnostics
and Repairs

· Hardware
and Software Upgrades

· Computer System Crash

· Web Site Development
and Design

· Malicious Software Diagnostics, Removal, and Prevention

· Wireless Video Security with Remote Internet Viewing

· Data Management, Backup, and Recovery

· Copier Services and

  • All of our services are guaranteed, timely accomplished, and completely confidential.